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ICHIZEN Japan Restaurant

In 2021 the ICHIZEN Japan Restaurant was reopened at Kanzleistrasse 15 in Zurich. «ICHIZEN» in Japanese means a bowl of rice or a pair of chopsticks, but of course you can order more than just a bowl of rice at «ICHIZEN».

In the "ICHIZEN" there is a lot that is authentically Japanese, so we only cook Japanese rice or also source the nori sheets (seaweed) from Japan, but we also buy the crockery for our guests in Japan. The Japanese kitchen and service team cooks and serves you with great passion and joy. This is what makes «ICHIZEN» so unique for many of our customers. Perhaps you too will have a very special feeling at "ICHIZEN", as if you were in Japan, allow yourself to be surprised.

The team from the ICHIZEN Japan Restaurant, led by Ms. Hitomi Gredig-Sato, welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant and delicious stay in the new «ICHIZEN». We look forward to welcoming and pampering you at the "ICHIZEN".

In addition to the traditional restaurant at Kanzleistrasse 15 including takeaway, with dishes freshly prepared for each order, the "ICHIZEN" now also offers delivery to your home or business.

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General Manager: Hitomi Gredig-Sato 

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