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After two months of renovation, the Japanese restaurant "ICHIZEN" was new opened on October 18th, 2021 in the former rooms of the "Samurai II" restaurant. You will still find a high-quality range of Japanese cuisine at Kanzleistrasse 15 in Zurich.

“ICHIZEN” means a bowl of rice or a couple of chopsticks in Japanese, but of course you can order more than just a bowl of rice at “ICHIZEN”. Perhaps you will also feel a very special, new feeling with "ICHIZEN", let yourself be surprised. The entire kitchen and service team is there for you again at «ICHIZEN», cooking and serving you with a new concept, passion and pleasure.


We look forward to welcoming and pampering you in the new "ICHIZEN" restaurant.

In addition to the traditional restaurant at Kanzleistrasse 15 including a takeaway, with freshly prepared dishes for every order, "ICHIZEN" will also be offering delivery to your home or business.

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The phone number remains the same: 043 477 80 80

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Hitomi Gredig-Sato


Enjoy ICHIZEN at your home

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Thursday to Saturday 


- Daifuku with Persimmon

- Marron cream roll cake


10 CHF 


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ICHIZEN is a member of the Pointz system, which can be used almost everywhere in Switzerland. 
Eat and smile at take away and eat in at ICHIZEN and get the point!
You can use 12 points on Pointz for a 20CHF discount from your payment!