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Hanami is not only about enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms but also about sharing a bento (boxed lunch) with friends and family. It is a traditional event in Japan held in spring to appreciate cherry blossoms. When cherry blossoms bloom, people gather in parks or along riversides to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms. During this time, many people prepare bentos at home and go out to enjoy the cherry blossoms with friends and family.


Bento is an essential element of hanami. Bentos contain various types of dishes, offering different flavors depending on the season and region. A typical bento includes rice, side dishes, pickles, and dessert. The specific menu varies from person to person and is customized according to personal preferences and regional traditions.

HANAMI and Bento

Making bentos is a traditional cooking practice in Japanese households, passed down from mothers to daughters. During hanami season, many families engage in making bentos enthusiastically. The repertoire of dishes is diverse, incorporating seasonal ingredients and local specialties, and tailored to suit the preferences of the family.

Bentos brought to hanami are not only about food but also about the flavor and presentation. Dishes inspired by cherry blossoms or featuring spring colors are popular. Additionally, bento boxes and wrapping papers often feature designs of cherry blossoms or other spring motifs, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Sharing a bento during hanami strengthens bonds among friends and family. Enjoying delicious food while admiring cherry blossoms creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, making and bringing bentos fosters camaraderie among participants. Hanami gatherings are filled with laughter and conversations, providing an opportunity for people to relax and unwind from the busyness of daily life.

Especially in Japanese companies and schools, hanami is considered an important opportunity to promote communication among colleagues or classmates, fostering teamwork and cooperation. Regardless of position or status, everyone enjoys the same space during hanami, deepening interpersonal relationships. Freed from the stress of work or studies, people share the beauty of nature, fostering new friendships and strengthening existing bonds.

Hanami is cherished in Japanese culture as a valuable opportunity for people to support each other and grow together. It is a much-awaited event in Japan's seasonal calendar, where the preparation, planning, and participation are all part of the excitement. These preparations and anticipations contribute to stress relief and rejuvenation.

Overall, hanami provides a precious opportunity for people in Japan to refresh their minds and bodies, away from the stresses and pressures of the business environment. Spending time amidst the beauty of nature rejuvenates the spirit and provides a new sense of vitality. Therefore, many Japanese eagerly anticipate hanami, welcoming the arrival of spring with open arms.

The ICHIZEN Japan Restaurant Team is waiting for your visit with our Bento set.


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