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Sake at ICHIZEN - Stories Vol:1 -

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Based on rice, water, and malt, Sake is simply alcohol. In Japan, drinking sake was once used to prevent colds. And Sake has a variety of benefits. Indeed, Sake has a preventive role which was contained in the term itself, the word sake having meant “to prevent” before taking its modern meaning. But its virtues were also cosmetic. The geishas thus used the leftover sake of their clients to make their beauty lotion.

Indeed, Sake helps activate the blood circulation and the vascularization of the skin and brightens the complexion. Also preventing its dryness, it allows the skin to stay hydrated and luminous. In addition, kojic acid - one of the hundred amino and organic acids contained in Sake - acts on melanin and thus helps reduce spots and moles. On the other hand, Japanese Sake, which was once called “water of youth”, activates the metabolism of cells and slows down their aging. Sake, therefore, prevents damage to the skin. The sake-based lotion, which retains a light fragrance, moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out while allowing it to regain its elasticity through the secretion of collagen it promotes. In ancient Japan, Sake was considered a panacea, which scientific studies have confirmed. Its use is passed down from generation to generation.

Story 1: Oze No Yukidoke sake

Oze No Yukidoke sake is known for being produced in one of the oldest breweries of sake in Japan. And Oze No Yukidoke Ohkarakuchi Junmai is a floral and dry type of sake. This type of sake is characterized by a peppery finish and a length onto the palate. This type of sake can be enjoyed while it is chilled, at room temperature, or hot. It goes wonderfully with the sautéed vegetables and can also be served with fruits for a dessert.

The flavor of this type of sake is generally enhanced by a slight sharpness and clarity and a clean aroma. With only two sips, you will notice the deep flavor you will enjoy, and the flavor will even become crisper when it is chilled. And you can find this one of its kind sake recipe on the menu of our restaurant. You can have a look at our website: Once you visit our website, you will get an opportunity to have an idea of what we offer in our restaurant, from sakes to sushi to various dishes that you will love.

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