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The secret of Super-healthy supporters

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Green Tea

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In addition to antioxidant activity, catechin in tea has antiviral activity, cholesterol-lowering activity, blood glucose elevation, and suppression activity. It has long been important in Japan as a good drink for the body, including preventing tooth decay and bad breath and obesity prevention. It is a drink which can support daily life.


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Β-carotene contained in seaweed is a kind of pigment contained in plants and is a component that is greatly related to immune function and growth function.

Anti-aging” 4S”

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Raw fish contains a lot of nutrients, High DHA and EPA contained in Salmon roe, folic acid and vitamin E contained in Sea urchin, retinol contained in Sea bream, and selenium of Scallops are ingested. These Nigiri gives you the best anti-aging nutrients.

What is the most important - fullness -

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Serotonin is called a happiness hormone and has a great influence on human mental activity. It is believed that chewing produces serotonin in the brain. Happiness hormone makes women's skin shine beautifully and makes them feel gentle.