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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It is said that proteinuria adversely affects health and beauty, causes albuminuria, and may reduce physical strength and immunity. Overdose of weight multiplied by Two or more is harmful.

It also affects kidney function because it imposes a burden on digestion and absorption. It has been pointed out that animal proteins that are not digested and absorbed produce carcinogens in the large intestine.

A balanced intake of good protein is essential.

What is a good protein?

Good quality proteins that are good for your skin and health are derived from soybeans and seafood.

Protein is associated with the amino acid score and other ingredients found in foods. Soybeans and seafood are foods that can be ingested daily by mouth.

Beautiful skin and health 

ー The most important protein food is seafoodー

Sushi Zurich

Fish protein is a brave food that has an amino acid score of 100%, is easy to digest, contains a lot of DMAE, and tightens the skin.

In addition, DHA and EPA have a very effective anti-inflammatory effect, and at the same time, have an effect of eliminating LDL cholesterol and an effect of excreting triglyceride.

Soy food

Sushi Zurich

Soy foods contain isoflavones (estrogen-like chemicals), inositol, oligosaccharides, ceramid, and cystine, and because they contain high-quality vegetable proteins, they are good for your skin and health. It is said to be the best anti-aging item that contains potassium. Soya is also listed in the PDQ® Cancer Dictionary.

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