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Tekkadon / 鉄火丼

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

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Tekka don 鉄 火 丼, this dish means "color of iron heated to red"; probably, the creators of this recipe wanted to contrast the color of the tuna with the pure whiteness of the rice. In any case, these are strips of raw tuna placed on vinegar rice with its sides. The Tekka don is part of the chirashi family; sashimi strips on sushi rice served in a donburi: a giant clay bowl (yaki-mono). A classic recipe; Tekkadon is topped with very thinly sliced raw marinated red tuna sashimi. Do not hesitate to garnish the tekkadon with ginger, nori, wasabi, sesame seeds

Best Suitable Drink with Tekkadon

The vinegar rice of the sushi bowl, Tekkadon goes very Sake go hand in hand. But if you're serious about drinking Sake, Daiginjo should do the trick. On the other hand, avoid the sweet soy sauce and opt instead for a fish with a slightly neutral taste like tuna.

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Total Calories in Tekkadon

When we talk about nutrients and especially in terms of calories, we can say that the Tekkadon or what is also known as the donburi is usually thought of containing between aboit 475 to 612 calories per bowl. And generally speaking, Tekkadon is high in fats. It includes more than 15 grams of fats. Over about 40 grams is very high in fat, with over 15 grams of fat to over 40 grams depending on size.

This fat contains DHA and EPA, which means it is possible to your healthy food life. Besides, this recipe includes a high level of carbohydrates coming from the rice and the tuna. Indeed, the level of carbohydrates starts from 33 grams to over 56 grams per bowl. And the level of proteins is estimated at 70 grams of proteins per bowl.

Few Comments

While there are no particular ways you can eat Tekka Don, you should follow a couple of thoughts that will cause you to feel more flavor and taste with each bit. First of all, an intriguing method to eat Tekka Don is with the rice and the fish together. So you can enjoy the taste of the two sides of the flavor. Other than blending your various ingredients, another inventive thought is initially to dip the fish into a bit of quantity of soy sauce.

Best to take If you are on a healthy diet without non-eat. This dish is suitable to be satisfied your meal. Diet without eating can create severe problems in your body. Best to do with " Eat " and having some nutrition to keep your body health condition.

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