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Ebi-Ten Avocado-Roll / Ten Jyu

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

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Ebi-Ten Avocado-Roll CHF21

History and origins of Tempura Sushi:

Contrary to popular belief, tempura (or tempura) origins are not found in Japan but are closer to Europe. Today a typical Japanese dish, Tempura, owes its origin to the Portuguese who landed on the Japanese coast in the 16th century. They used to cook fish and seafood in donut dough during the Four Times fast (religious tradition). The Japanese took inspiration from this cooking method to create Tempura. One of the possible origins of the word "tempura" is the word "tempora" which designates when the missionaries ate fish. The Japanese have developed a cuisine that is much finer than the original Portuguese dish. Tempura is thus a very light fry that allows the base ingredient to retain its full flavor.

Tempura Sushi, etymology and Nutrients:

The term "tempura" takes its etymology from the word "tempero", which translates to "seasoning" in Portuguese. To add flavor to their dish during times of fasting, missionaries cooked the fish by coating them in batter before dipping them in boiling oil. It took a century for Tempura to become popular in Japan. The recipe has undergone some changes to give a finer and lighter paste, coat fish, and seafood, and vegetables of all kinds. Lighter than a regular donut batter, Tempura is a recipe that is mostly found in preparing vegetables or fish in Japan.

This dish, simple in theory, is in practice quite difficult to succeed. The various ingredients, cut into pieces, are dipped in flour and then rolled into dough composed of ice water, flour, and eggs (koromo). They are then cooked in a deep fryer for 2 or 3 minutes.

Eating tempura shrimp will allow you to provide vitamins and nutrients to your body. The main one will be iodine, which will play a very important role in the functioning of the thyroid gland and the health of your brain. Iodine can be found in adequately cooked shellfish, mussels, fish, dairy products and eggs.

Total Calories in Tempura

A traditional Japanese recipe, Tempura is one of the lightest fried foods. With 177 calories per 100 grams when you choose to garnish them with vegetables, they combine simplicity and deliciousness. As the cooking time is very short, they also allow you to benefit from the nutritional value in vitamins and minerals of the vegetables with which they are garnished. To balance your menu, they can be served, for example, as a side dish to grilled meat or fish and combined with a portion of green salad.

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Ten-Ju CHF32

Few comments

Depending on the quality of the ingredients and the oil used, the taste can vary widely. In Japan, some tempura restaurants are among the most expensive in the country.

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