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Kick away a Hangover

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

How to Kick away a Hangover

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The cause of a hangover is a component called acetaldehyde.

Alcohol is decomposed in the body in the order.

Alcohol ⇒ Acetaldehyde ⇒ Water, and carbon dioxide.

If you consume too much alcohol, acetaldehyde will not be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in time, resulting in a hangover.

Ingesting the following ingredients has the effect of preventing a hangover.

- Taking it after alcohol can prevent a hangover.

-Taking it during the taste of alcohol has the effect of avoiding a hangover.

Acetaldehyde is highly toxic and can cause headaches and nausea if left in the body, so a small amount of alcohol can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide overnight. Still, if a large amount of alcohol is ingested, the decomposition will not be in time.

It promotes gastrointestinal function and stimulates the decomposition of alcohol.

・ Discharge the alcohol is remaining in the blood to the outside of the body as soon as possible.

・ Replenish the necessary hydration for that purpose.


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Autumn Ukon-derived healthy ingredients "curcumin" and "Bisaculone," which have been reported to have liver-protecting, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, 45 mg of the healthy ingredient "curcumin" and "black pepper extract" that enhances its absorption are combined. In addition to taking it, it is recommended to take the essential nutrients "dietary fiber" and "vitamins" simultaneously.


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"Ornithine" and "alanine" are abundant in clams. Ingredients other than ornithine contained in clams In addition to ornithine and salt, clams contain many good ingredients for the body of a hangover.

・ Taurine = a component that helps the liver work, a type of amino acid

・ Glutamine = a feature that helps break down acetaldehyde

・ Alanine = a function that lowers the concentration of acetaldehyde in the blood