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Sake at ICHIZEN - Stories Vol:2 -

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Sake helps activates the blood circulation and the vascularization of the skin, and brightens the complexion. Also preventing its dryness, it allows the skin to stay hydrated and luminous. In addition, kojic acid - which is one of the hundred amino and organic acids contained in sake - acts on melanin, and thus helps reduce spots and moles. On the other hand, Japanese sake, which was once called “water of youth”, activates the metabolism of cells and slows down their aging. Sake therefore prevents damage to the skin. The sake-based lotion, which retains a light fragrance, moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out, while allowing it to regain its elasticity through the secretion of collagen that it promotes. In ancient Japan, sake was considered a panacea, which scientific studies have confirmed, and its use passed down from generation to generation.

The MIO sparkling sake

The MIO sparkling sake is composed of carbonated water and pure sake. Sparkling sake is less alcoholic than other types of sake; this is the case with this “MIO” sake. Softer than classic sake, it is served frozen for a pleasant sensation of freshness. It is a very fruity type of sake, its low alcohol content and its fine bubbles make it an original and easy to drink. This sparkling sake is sweeter than the classic sake and can be drunk either as a dessert or as an aperitif. It has a sweet taste and fruit aromas which make its specificity.

And if we want to trace the history of the Mio sparkling sake, we can say that it was born in 2011, this sake is very popular. Mio means “my” in Italian; however, Mio has another meaning: in Japanese, it represents the white foam of the wake of the boats. To make this sparkling sake, we add gas. Overall, this sake recipe is an excellent, delicate and fruity product. We recommend this tasting advice; it is recommended to drink this type of sake chilled as an aperitif or during the meal. It is an excellent alternative to other sparkling wines. This sake is very fruity and slightly sweet, Mio will surprise you with how delicious sake. And you can find this type of sake on our website:

Japanese Kambara Sake

Japanese Kambara Sake is a fruity and rich Junmai Ginjo with moderate acidity. The history of Japanese Kambara Sake dates back to 1880, specifically to the Kaetsu Shuzo Brewery that is located in the Niigata region. This mountainous region bordering the Sea of Japan was recognized for the quality of its sakes, benefiting from favorable natural conditions such as the purity of its water from the mountains heavily snow-capped in winter. Kambara is a type of sake also benefiting from the quality of Yamada Nishiki rice, which is considered one of the best sake rice. Here, 50% polished, Kambara is a fruity and rich Junmai Ginjo with moderate acidity. And this sake is made of rice and koji from Japanese rice cultivation. You will be able to easily find this special type of sake in our website: Ginjo is a more delicate and complex sake than honjozo due to a higher polishing percentage. It is made from rice with a polishing rate of between 60% and 50%. When there has been no addition of distilled alcohol, the same then falls into the Junmai Ginjo category, and we take pride in offering you this unique sake recipe.

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